Membership in the RHDA is open to all Regina and area Highland dancers (and their families), teachers and friends of the RHDA.

To be eligible for discounts at competitions and workshops, or participate in an RHDA sponsored event (including Mosaic and other RHDA public performances), a dancer must have a membership, in good standing, prior to the sign-up deadline.

The Association organizes competitions, workshops and public performances for Highland dancers.  To find out more about the Association, or to apply for membership, please complete our membership form, or contact:

Lori Johnston – Membership Coordinator

2022-23 Membership Form

RHDA Member Handbook 2022-2023

We would also like to note that when a dancer, teacher or parent acts in an unethical manner it reflects not only on the individual but also on the organization(s) with which the dancer is registered.  All dancers, professionals and support networks, participating in a ScotDance Canada event must abide by the ScotDance Canada Code of Ethics. This is included on the last page of the dancer registration form as well.

2023 Dancer Registration Form