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Agenda for AGM


1. Welcome/Call to Order

a. Review and adoption of Minutes

2. President’s Report:

3. Committee reports and recommendations

a. Mosaic

b. Workshops

c. Memberships

d. Fundraising

e. Dance-outs

f. Communications

g. Awards

4. Financial Report: See attachments for full details

5. Budget:

a. membership fees

6. Audit: Discuss if an auditor is required, and appoint auditor as needed

7. Constitution updates: See attachment for full details

a. SKHDA Dissolution edits – with the dissolution of SKHDA, reference to that association should be removed from the constitution (Articles 3, 7, 12)

b. SOBHD edits – addition of the word “Royal” anytime SOBHD is referenced (article 5, 12)

c. Conference telephone edit – article 9.7 reference to “conference telephone” changed to “video conferencing”

8. Board Roles:

a. President – Michael Hawkes (elected 2022-2024)

b. Vice-President – Gina McGinn (elected 2022-2023) – Gina is willing to extend for another year

c. Treasure – Nick Broberg (elected 2022-2024)

d. Secretary – Sheila Korpan (elected 2022-2023) – position typically a 2 year term, discuss motion to extend Sheila for 2nd year per constitution

e. Competition Chair and/or Comp. Co Chair: Desmond Worfolk (2022-2024)

f. Director-at-Large (1 year term positions) – Stacey Rennebohm, Jolene Horejda (2022-2023)

g. Workshop Coordinator (1 year position) – Josephine Acton (2022-2023)

h. Mosaic Liaison (1 year position)– James Bryanton (2022-2023)

i. Dance-Out Coordinator (1 year position) – Tara Labuik (2022-2023)

j. Fundraising Coordinator (1 year position) – Angela Kennedy (2022-2023)

k. Communications Director – Jon Schneider (2022-2023)

l. Website Coordinator (1 year position) – James Bryanton (2022-2023)

m. Volunteer Coordinator (1 year position) – Jolene Horejda (2022-2023)

n. Awards (1 year position) – Josie Acton (2022-2023)

o. Membership Coordinator (1 year position) – Lori Johnston (2022-2023)

Other Business

9. Charitable Status:

Motion to adjourn


The Regina Highland Dancing Association is proud to host the 2022 ScotDance Canada Championship Series!

July 6-10

International Trade Centre, Evraz Place

All Registrations are open now!

Full details available at

Dance Outs

Please contact Tara Labuik for any interest in participating.

Please note that you must have an RHDA membership to participate.